HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna Support

Over-the-Air Technology: learn how you can watch your broadcast networks with no monthly fees with over-the-air technology.

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Winegard Antennas

RCA Antennas

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How to Scan Over-the-Air Channels

These steps are generalized for use with multiple television brands. Buttons and menu names may vary from the steps listed here.


Power the TV on and take note of what channel or input the TV is on.


Connect the digital Winegard or RCA Antenna to the TV's Antenna In/Air/Cable port


If applicable, plug the antenna in to a power source.

TV connected to Over-the-Air antenna with coaxial cable

If your TV does not require a conversion box, you can skip this step.

Connect OTA Antenna to Conversion Box.

Converter box connected to Over-the-Air antenna with coaxial cable

Connect conversion box to the TV.

TV connected to converter box with coaxial cable

Using the TV or the TV remote, press the Menu/Settings/Home button.

Select Channel/Setup/Auto Tuning/Installation/System. If the option is Air/Cable, select Air.

Select Scan Channels/Program Channels/Autoscan/Autoprogram.

Select Start/Enter/OK to begin scan.

Select OK/Done to complete scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Use your TV remote or the buttons on the TV to select the input or channel you normally use to view DISH programming
  • If you are still unable to view programming, contact us for further assistance

Check the owner's manual that came with your TV or look on your TV for the following:

  • DTV
  • HDTV
  • ATSC
  • Digital Tuner
  • Digital Receiver
  • Integrated Digital Tuner
  • Digital Tuner built-in

If any of the above are shown, you will not need a Converter Box.

The FCC mandated a change for Over-the-Air television signals from analog to digital. If your TV was purchased before 2007, it may not be able to process the new digital signals. In this case, you will need a Converter Box.

OTA Guide information is provided by each individual channel. Not all channels choose to provide this information.

  • Timers set up previously for local channels provided through DISH's satellites will no longer work.
  • If you can see your OTA channels in the DISH Channel Guide, then you can set up new timers for programs on those channels.
  • PrimeTime Anytime will not work with OTA local channels.

  • Confirm your OTA antenna is set up correctly.
  • Reposition your OTA antenna for better signal.
  • Rerun a channel scan on your TV.
  • If your TV still doesn't find any channels, contact us for further assistance.