Hopper Plus

Learn more about how Hopper Plus allows you to unlock streaming services, games, and music through the Google Play Store and Android TV operating system - all integrated seamlessly into your DISH Hopper system at no additional monthly cost!


Important things to know

  • Want to enjoy the Android experience on more TVs? Pair it with Joey 4 for a whole-home experience.
  • The USB-C cable that connects your Hopper with the Hopper Plus cannot be exchanged for a longer cable.
  • Multi-View coming soon.

Recording Capacity


Internet Capable


On Demand









Storage Capacity


Expandable Storage



3.8" x 6.22" x 0.78"

Popular Features

2,000 Hours of Recording Capacity

Discover the different ways you can record content, so you never miss your favorite show.

Android TV with full Google Play Store access

Google Play Store access expands your entertainment options. Install apps like MAX or Disney+ from the Play Store and access them directly from the Hopper system, all with one remote!

On Demand Content

From new releases to free content, you can select from thousands of movies and TV shows to watch at anytime. Discover how to access this great content.

Voice Search

In addition to all the great DISH features you know and love, you can now do even more with Google Assistant. With the improved search functionality, you can see content available to watch on DISH, as well as what’s available on installed apps like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

Compatible with

54-series voice remote with diamond-shaped arrow pad

54.0 Remote

Want to know more?

Download the Welcome to DISH manual to see everything your device can do. Reference Important Product Information for your Hopper Plus.

Visit our How-To pages for information on additional features, managing your settings, and more.

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