Appointment Expectations

Call us to schedule an appointment and we will be with you every step of the way. Our technicians provide excellent service and can assist you with any questions during your appointment. Enjoy features like 75 minute arrival windows as well as tracking your technician’s route to your home!

Expect the Best

Our skilled technicians are trained to give you the best customer experience when they visit your home.


DISH will contact you at the following times to let you know your appointment details.

  • The day before your appointment
  • The morning of your appointment
  • An hour before the estimated arrival window

My Tech

My Tech allows you to take control of your DISH appointments by keeping you informed every step of the way. You can see the technician’s route as he drives to your home.


To access the My Tech feature: visit My Appointments or log into the MyDISH App to view your account and manage your appointments.

To ensure you have the best experience…

There are a few things we need you to do so our technician can work properly and have you watching DISH as soon as possible!


  • Please ensure that someone 18 years of age or older will be present for the entire appointment
  • Please secure any pets to avoid contact with the technician
  • New Customers: The owner of the credit card used to qualify for service must be present to sign the DISH agreements at the time of installation


To get the most out of your TV experience, your technician can connect your receiver to the internet to unlock features like On Demand, apps, and more! Be sure to have your wi-fi name and password ready, and ask your technician to get connected.

Standard Install vs. Custom Install

If, at the time of the appointment, the technician determines that the work required to restore your system is due to the movement of a TV, receiver, or dish, custom work charges may apply.

  • You will receive an order confirmation email with appointment date and arrival window (if an accurate email address is provided).
  • You will receive a reminder call the evening prior to the appointment.
  • You will receive an updated arrival time by phone on the day of appointment.

  • You will review the order and setup plan with the DISH Network technician at the start of the appointment, prior to the start of any installation work.

  • Dish will be mounted on outside wall, balcony or roof to achieve best line of sight (dish must generally face to the south).
  • Dish will be mounted on pole (up to five feet) if necessary. A second appointment would be required after utility lines are marked.

Custom Work

  • Burying more than 50' of cable for pole mount or other purposes (as measured from dish to point of entry into home).
  • Relocating dish due to request (aesthetics, new roof, construction, etc.) after setup and appointment is complete.

  • DISH-approved RG-6 coax cable will be run from dish to receiver(s) up to 150'.
  • Once inside the home, cabling may be run through attics or unfinished basements to the receiver outlet.
  • Any installed exposed cabling will be neatly dressed.

Custom Work

  • Running cable from dish to receiver(s) greater than 150'.
  • Fishing cable beyond what is required to route cable from the attic/unfinished basement to the receiver outlet.

  • Each receiver will be connected to one TV. If a Duo receiver is installed, each tuner will be connected to one TV.
  • HD receiver will be connected to HD TV using HDMI cable.
  • Receiver will be connected to broadband or phone line.
  • Receivers will be activated.

Custom Work

  • Mirroring TVs (connect more than one TV per tuner).
  • Relocating receiver due to request (aesthetics, remodel, construction, etc.) after setup and appointment is complete.
  • Re-cabling to a relocated TV (moved based on aesthetics, remodel, construction, etc.) after setup and appointment is complete.
  • Configuring changes to home stereo system, custom remotes or other equipment (see Ancillary Services).

  • Each DISH remote control will be programmed to applicable DISH receiver and TV.

  • A "Getting Started with DISH" Guide, including 20 minute training will be provided.

  • All work sites will be cleaned up, including removal of boxes and packaging.
  • All paperwork will be reviewed.