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You can view your bill anytime on the web, in the MyDISH App, via email, via text message, or on your receiver. Learn more at Ways to View Your Bill.

We’ve made it easy for you! With seven ways to pay, you can pay it your way. Learn more at Ways to Pay Your Bill.

Take a look at some of the most common charges and credits on customers’ bills at understanding your charges and credits.

Yes, for a small fee of $15. To check if you are eligible, log in to your MyDISH account. If you see a link that says Payment Extension either on the Bill section of the My Account Summary page or in a pop-up, you are eligible to receive an extension! Click the Payment Extension link and follow the prompts. By filing for this extension, you are giving us a “promise to pay,” and we will restore your service. Any applicable late fees will still apply to your account.


If you are not eligible, we’re sorry. Please pay your past due balance as soon as you can to prevent service interruption.

Get eBill to receive your bills through your email and do your part to help the environment! If you sign up for AutoPay, you will not ever have to worry about getting a late fee ever again. Your payment will automatically be taken on the same date every month! Learn more about eBill & AutoPay.

Yes, you can! To do so, contact us and chat with one of our friendly customer service reps to see if you are eligible. Learn more about changing your bill due date.

Your programming package rate will not increase for two years guaranteed, that’s correct. Of course, if you add programming, buy Pay-Per-View or Video on Demand, or upgrade your account in any way, there will be an associated charge with that. There are also two key changes involving your premium channels and DISH Protect that happen in your first six months that you should be aware of.


Premium Channels free trial: As a new customer, you may have received a premium content free trial, which gives you access to Showtime absolutely free for three months. This free trial expires after three months, and your account will be charged for these channels on your fourth bill. If you would like to remove these channels from your account to avoid being charged, you can do that at


If you are enjoying these channels and would like to continue receiving them, no action is necessary, and you will be billed for them on your fourth bill and going forward.


DISH Protect: DISH Protect provides you with in-home service if we are not able to solve a technical problem over the phone. It provides free shipping on equipment replacement and reduces the cost of in-home service. As a new customer, you may have received a free trial of DISH Protect Silver with the option to upgrade to DISH Protect Gold for only $4 per month. At the end of your sixth month with DISH, your trial will expire, and your account will be charged the then-current monthly rate starting with your seventh bill. To remove DISH Protect, you can do that at


If you would like to keep DISH Protect, no action is necessary, and you will continue to receive DISH Protect at the then-current monthly rate starting on your seventh bill.